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Welcome to the Homepage of Harvey A. Kong Tin. This has been up from 2000? due to - These pages may not work with all computers. Sorry about that Chief....

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Harvey A. Kong Tin,

South Dunedin, DunedinNEW ZEALAND

    My interests are ...

      I enjoy writing letters/email and poetry. I play social volleyball regularly, and table tennis. A strong interest is computers and videogames. I do watch a lot of television for company - enjoy family comedies such as "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Yes Dear" and "Still Standing". I watch a lot of documentaries, like "60 Minutes", "20/20" as well as the regular one hour programmes.
I like the Catherine Cookson television adaptions.
With movies I particularly like the Hayao Miyazaki's movies such as:
"Howl's Moving Castle", "Kiki's Delivery Service", "Laputa Castle in the Sky", "Princess Mononoke", "My Neighbor Totoro", "Spirited Away" and "Nausicca Valley of the Wind".
I read a lot about UFOs, reincarnation, etc and speculate a great deal about the unexplained. At the moment I am working on a writing project but think I'll need help from others, who have gone out in search for truth, and found it, using logic and reason.
I would like to work on various projects, such as a book, film, television series, radio series, a play - and some music which deals with the 'truth'. Not as we know it (popular truth) - but which is. 'Is' being simply 'that', which is the plain truth and nothing less than it.
It is not easy to get people to re-examine their own basic beliefs - to find out - hey! A lot of what we are told, are not true after all....

                         What this site covers                                                                                         

Samples of my poetry, plus other writers? too...
A Newbies guide to Emulators on the PC Computers.
Some information about Dunedin.
The strangest and weirdest stories that are suppose to be true?

I think that if you are seeking an enlightened frame of mind, then perhaps I may be who you have been looking for?

     I am always short on money and really need to finish this book I am trying to complete - can others help? It is very controversial and shocking - but the truth is....

Conversation is always welcomed via Email, at

Email Harvey, if you want to chat over anything videogames related, whether old or new?

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