A Sample of 3 Poems by Harvey A. Kong Tin

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Autopsy on Love?

Romantic love is the most misunderstood
emotion in the universe
It is not set in stone
but pliable and is able
to be pulled or pushed
into any shape imaginable.

Love at first sight
is the onslaught rush
of mating urges at the fore.
Physical love is indeed,
very strong and powerful,
at times too powerful to ignore.
But after the wonderful sex,
what is there left?
Just sleep and nothing more?
What about the intimacy,
the love, the caring and the sharing?

Love is created by those involved
Each partner must contribute.
Love is self-created by each of us
One does not create love for another.
We create it ourselves.
Love that is nurtured
starts slowly and continues to grow,
can be the strongest of all bonds
able to withstand any force applied.
Love can be tender and sweet
and all things nice,
it can be like a fairy-tale told.

We enter into a relationship
not knowing what we are getting into.
We rely on each other being honest and truthful.
Will you love me, as much as I will love you?
Should be the question that is asked?
As time passes on,
the clock has been ticking
the years are fast catching up
those around you have got their spouses and families
and you're wondering where do I fit in?
Should you compromise your ideals in love
and settle for something more humble?

The only way to approach love
is that : you are willing and keen
to explore this world of love
to see what you have in common,
and that you can see yourself
loving this person.
There is no seal of guarantee
that it will be a success
and so if it does not work out
a refund is called for.
All bets are off
time to separate
and call the relationship off.

One should not be afraid of failing in love
there is never any guarantee
and face the facts.
You may have to go through many relationships
until you can find the right one,
that can last and last.
Quite often it is the case,
that the effort you put in, is what you get out.
Your lover will have to match the effort,
to counter the inbalance
but it will all be worth it
to have such love and dedication.
At long last, love is real
love is earnest, it is here at last.
And so enjoy it, for a wonderful life together.

The years have passed everyone by
beauty outside has long since gone
What is there left to carry on?
The love has lasted between the elderly couple
with their tender touches and their tender stares
Their eyes shine brightly at each other
they are lively and animated within.
They know in their heart and in their mind that life has been kind
they have found their companion long ago
bringing a happiness previously undreamed of in most peoples' lives.


Violence is part of our society
It is there in many ways
The kids see it on the TV screens
in videogames, cartoons and movies.
The adults accept it too
in Newspapers, Magazines and TV.
It is all part of a primitive society.
Dad does it to Mum
Anger shown in words or fists
it is the same
Tempers vented, Tempers flared
the result is the same.
A visit down to casualty
to the hospital or to the counsellor
to patch things up, to fix things over.
How do you stop, a repeat of this insane game
From happening all over again.
Violence should not be tolerated in any one's life,
it is OK in fantasy, but not in real life.
If you have violent urges that can destroy,
do take part in non-contact sports to release it.
Do not let it control you.

There is no just cause
that violence glorifies.
Blood that is splattered
is never justified.
Violence and vengance can go on forever
never healing and ever wounding.

Peace be with you,
Peace be inside you
it is through peace
that all things will be attainable.
In this troubled, troubled world of ours
Peace is the saviour who can save our souls.
Go in peace, my friend
with the angels help
this world can be saved
and take us into the next golden age.
When our evolution truly begins.


I contemplate on the mysteries of life
to better understand this universe, we live in
to focus upon what is important in life.
The simple things that makes us happy.
To be aware of those black holes
we can easily get pulled into
which can take a lifetime, to leave behind.
The three main evils of our modern society
which has been with us, since time began.
Are: smoking, drinking and drugs.
All are drugs that can drown the human spirit, within us
that may initially take you up, some unseen heights
only to leave you, living some low life.
Drug dependency is not a pretty picture to view
where to stay normal, one needs a drug to live.
Prevention is always better than the cure,
the warning should be - do not try this!
It can ruin your life.

The other thing to understand, is the power of your mind
If you look after it, and exercise it well
you can use it, to do some magical tricks.
Such as doing that, what the drugs can do.
Making you feel relaxed, confident, happy, being the real you.
Let not your mind get rusty, let it not go hungry
You have talents there, exercise them
they will only get better, if you make the effort
to see what you can do well.

I am humble, honest and wholesome
there are no dark shadows, behind me.
I do not take part in anything
sinister or strange.
My mind may wander into strange worlds
and is, the only strange thing, about me.
I believe in living an ordinary life
living as safe as can be.

Vindictiveness is not inside me
nor any negative qualities,
such as spite and malice.
I value the good qualities in life
such as honesty, truthfulness and punctuality.
I may be simple to read
like a book by it's cover
I hide myself not.
My life is nothing extraordinary.
It is a simple
but fulfilled life I seek.
There are many blank pages inside me
waiting to be written.
By what pen or hand
I do not know?

As to the simple things in life
that will make you happy.
You know the answers already?
To be in the company of :
someone to love,
someone who cares
and someone who loves you.
Makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.

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