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Mysteries of the Universe


Appropriate picture for Unexplained

School days Photographs

I don't have many photographs taken of me at a very early age.
This is probably the earliest I have? That is surviving. I can't recall being anything earlier than this one. I'm being held up by my mummy. At least I think that's me? [ie. the photograph below]

     The rest are official school photographs - you should be able to find me? There? I'm easy to spot!
I enjoyed most of my school days and usually have been able to make friends alright.
Which is kinda strange? Me being shy and quiet - exceptionally so in my younger days. So very very shy.

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I hope you'll love seeing these photographs?


Harvey in 1959? - aged 3?


1968 at Caversham Primary School


Harvey in 1968 - aged 12 - can you spot him?


Inside Hays department store - 1968?

2 Hall Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin NEW ZEALAND
These are various home and class photographs. I hope you will enjoy seeing them?

    My hobbies are ...

     I enjoy writing letters/email and poetry. I play social volleyball regularly, and table tennis. A strong interest is computers and videogames, and designing graphics. I read a lot about UFOs, reincarnation, etc and speculate a great deal about the unexplained.

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We are only here on this planet for a limited time and need to make contact with old friends as well as make new friends.