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Unexplained Phenomena

Spirit Photographs

These are still photographs shown on the television program "Beyond" with James van Praagh.

     Special guest Echo Bodine, author of "Echoes of the Soul".

1. Orbs - round and white

Sometimes white, sometimes different colours


2. Streaks of energy that take off - in the pictures

Streaming energy seen in the picture before, all over the picture the energy was starting to form, to take on human form.


3. Actual human form

Crime scene photograph taken by a policeman taken within 20 minutes of a fatal car accident.


Photographs taken by Jayne

Taken outside her house (blue mist on right) sunset. Blue - a high spiritual colour.


Dog photograph --- I had a dog, that was this dog's brother - that got hit by a car.


Another sunset photograph taken at the other side of the house.


Harvey A. Kong Tin,

2 Hall Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin,NEW ZEALAND

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In search of the truth ...

      How do you know what is true - when you see it?
      The truth is simply what is --- regardless of what is said about it.
Factual data/information is truth --- simply that which is - cannot be denied.
Sadly in today's modern world - we are probably far from the truth in many different areas. Specifically in our religion and politics - is there any truth in it?
Examination of anything critically, does not detract from the truth. Truth can stand up to any close examination and scrutiny and remain essentially unchanged. That which is false or misinterpreted, can be shown for what it is.
    Motives - reveal interesting insights.
eg. the motives of those in establishments, whose comments seek only to confirm their own beliefs and livelihood. Those in search of truth, have nothing to profit by, by way of the truth - and only seek that which is - that which is present. The information and data.
      Sadly truth is warped by those in establishments, being bent and twisted.

Robbie Burns statue and St. Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND


     In whose reality do you live? Other peoples' in which you subscribe to their beliefs and what they want you to believe - or your own?
Choose --- and we do --- everyday in which we live.

The truth will set you free

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