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A Sample of Erotic Love Poems by Harvey A. Kong Tin

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This is an explicit erotic love poem, written for women in mind.The characters are named as Jane Smith and Richard,you can change these into whatever you like them to be?

This poem is only for those aged 18 and above, and deals with straight sex between a man and woman.

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I am lying here waiting
drifting slowly
thinking one day
my sweet prince will come.

Where are you my sweet Richard?
my pauper prince
with a heart so bold
riches I am not after
but sweet tender love.

Your attention and smile
lifts my spirit high
Your kind words
carry me to welcomed peaks
to view the bigger picture below.

I am here, dearest love
my dear sweet Jane
Know that I will be there
if not in body
then in spirit.
Call upon me in troubled times
I'll wipe your brow
and say such sweet words to you.

I am here, dearest one
I have not forgotten you
dream that I will one day be there
we'll walk together
and talk together
think of those times now.

We'll explore the grand mysteries
of body and soul.
The joy of romance and sex
in which love is so personal.
I am eternally yours
and remember me
in your hour of need.

I'll be there
in spirit always.
If you wish me there
where there is desire
there will be a way.

Dear Richard
we are so alike
in our sensibilities
and our passions.
Can you not feel the ditto
of our words?
We interwine so much
it's hard to remember
who said what first?

I wish to love you body and soul
in all ways imaginable
and any way possible.
I could not be happy
until our union.
Until then, dear sweet Richard
I'll picture you in the darkness
before I sleep.
Guiding me to a dream of adventure
towards a new day.
I love you tenderly
and sweet.

Dearest Jane
Know that I miss you
I have the patience to wait
for your email and surprise packets.
Forgive me when I cause you distress
I have the time, and you have not
to voice my heart and soul.
My body calls out to you
and I lie awake thinking
What are your wishes my dear?
For the two of us?

I wish we could spend the time together
to discover what is there between us?
Are we each other's dream lover?
Will we truly fall in love?
And what about our future together?
When shall it start?

Know that my thoughts are with you always
and my heart wishes to be your companion.
I'll not be your shadow, nor your twin.
A woman needs her privacy at some times.
I will always be there, when you call me
my spirit will appear and ask,
now dear sweet Jane, what can I for you?

In bad times, I'll show you how to pull through
in tough times I'll show you peace of mind
and in hard times I'll show you how to transform.
Attitude is everything dearest
and your precious imagination
can work wonders.

Naughty Song

I am in bed with you dearest Jane
inbetween the sheets I go
I'll cradle you in my arms
and never let go.
You'll hear my heart
through your heaving breast
Whose heart shall sound the loudest?
in this passion of ours tonight?

Are we both naked?
I'm certainly am
in this imagination of delight.
in which my hands go wandering
exploring the body of one
Jane Smith
a wonder to explore
my schoolboy curiosity
has never died out.
And is now set aflame
to investigate the private parts
of you Jane dear.

I must measure those breasts of yours
and see how they move
I'll rub them concentrically
wondering why do they move like jelly?
Now, who's arousing who?

I must bite you tenderly on the nipples
to see if they are genuine
are they 100% Jane Smith's?
And feel for any lumps
let Dr Richard have a touchie feelie
in the nature of health.

I must glide my hands
down along your breast bone
past that wonderful navel
and over mount venus
your public hair Jane dear
is nicely shaved?

And so I go
into that wonderful
Aladdin's cavern
called the vagina
at the entrance
lies the clitoris.

My, how beautiful it is
and how it responds
to my touch.
I must pull and tug it
to show I wish to enter.
I'll stroke those outer lips
to open.

What is this, my dear
you're wet
I take a small sample
on my fingertip
and wipe around those
vaginal walls.
All nicely lubricated now
all ready for what?

Shall my hand slide down and see
how far down it goes?
Or shall I whip out my penis
and see whether it'll fit?
Whoops! I forgot I'm already naked
and so to work I go.
A miner's work is never done.

I stick my penis in
and wonder how far in
does it penetrate?
Are you feeling it my dear?
Shall I screw around
and massage your clitoris too?

How is it now dear?
Are you feeling red?
It is time for me to get to serious work.
Rocking like some steam engine
My body judders along slowly
hoping with each vibration
you're feeling ectasy?
Am I doing it right my dear?
Do you feel the passion?

This slow train
is on a slow ride
to it's destination.
A delightful end.
Our bodies heave
at the effort
of sweat and heat.
At long last
I let out a sigh
I squirted it all in
into your little hole
and now like some balloon
my penis deflates
slipping out wet.

You moan too
Alas I cannot tell
if you're genuine.
And so I set to arouse you deeper
to make doubly sure
you were truly satisfied darling.
I rub your clitoris harder
believing this is your organ of delight?
I keep this up for a full 5 minutes
You let out a definite moan
I say 'Eureka!' I've succeeded.

Did I darling Jane, did I?

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