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Mysteries of the Universe

Heaven's Mirror

Another riddle, much in evidence at the Puma Punku, is that many of the megaliths were joined by metal clamps, some very large. For a long while it was thought that these I-shaped and T-shaped clamps had been pre-cast at a furnace and then placed cold into carved indentations in the recipient blocks.
A close study with a scanning electron microscope has, however, revealed surprising evidence that they were poured molten into the indentations. This implies that a portable smelter must have been used, moving from block to block at the site itself - a much higher level of technology than has ever been credited to pre-Columbian South America.

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Angkor temples alignment with constellation Draco - below



It has been claimed that certain giant works of sculpture at Angkor resemble the face of the Sphinx or the Colossi of Abu Simbel.

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